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Hey there! I'm Felicia! I'm a luxury wedding photographer, pet momma, wife, and cupcake addict.  I photograph in Arizona, Washington and Worldwide. I would love to chat and get to know you better! 

December 12, 2018

Hi and welcome to my online home! I am a photographer located in Phoenix, Arizona. I'm married to my wonderful hubby, Jon, and we have 7 fur babies: Kitty Amazing, Baby Kitty, Petunia, and China, our cats, Hank and Seymour, our dogs, and Junichiro, our hedgehog. Admittedly, Junichiro is more of a spiky baby than a fur baby. I love travel, nutella, donuts, cupcakes, (okay just bring me all the carbs alright?), reading, green tea, soccer, dancing, and soft pillow cases. I love having you, I hope you stay awhile.


Miranda and Brandon’s La Encanterra Wedding, Queen Creek, Arizona

I have to start by saying I had so much fun at this wedding! I was sad when it ended!

Miranda and Brandon are such an amazing couple. They took a real chance on love and each other by combining their families, kids, and lives. That takes real strength I think. To choose to move on and love again. To hope for something that was different than you expected, but also more beautiful then you could have dreamed.

These two flew down to Arizona to celebrate in the sun and warmth all the way from Iowa. With all four kids in tow, they were ready to officially start their marriage. And their kids are so amazing. I loved hanging out with them!

Their story is one of those that reminds you that life is always just around the corner. Or… walking down the street. As that’s where Miranda and Brandon met, on the street! Brandon was on a bike bar crawl and Miranda was out celebrating with her friends. Brandon stopped one of Miranda’s friends to ask about a sleeve tattoo as Brandon really likes tattoos. They hit it off as they both happened to be going through a divorce. But then…. Miranda didn’t hear from Brandon!! Until randomly three months later when they started texting again. 3 years and 3 days later, they got married.  Miranda also took a huge leap of faith and moved across the state with her kids to be with Brandon and his kids.

When Brandon proposed to Miranda, he took her to watch the sunset at the airport overlook in Sedona during a surprise weekend trip.  He asked a stranger to take their picture, but secretly she was taking a video as Brandon got down on one knee and asked Miranda to marry him! So clever, and I love it!!

I love loved being a part of their day and witnessing their love at such a beautiful location filled with a Tuscan style villa, palm trees, and ponds.  We also engaged in a very very slow golf cart race during portraits, which is one of my many fond memories from the day.  I also loved that during the ceremony they put together a beautiful wooden puzzle with each piece having one of their names on it including all four kids.  It was a gorgeous way of permanently symbolizing the commitment they’ve made not only to each other, but to their children as well.

I can’t wait to see your family grow and change over the years to come! I know good things are in store for all of you. Congrats you two!!!



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