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December 1, 2012; my wedding day. I had a Grecian lace style dress with the back entirely open. Down the center of my back dangled a silver chain with a pearl and gem on it. The Wright House in Mesa, Arizona, was the perfect backdrop for our day. It was a French style garden with water fountains, flowers, and outdoor perfection. If I was not able to have my wedding in Provence, then I’d settle for a French garden in Arizona.

My colors were purple and turquoise, the two colors that probably represent me best because I’m bright, colorful, and often, loud (can’t help it, it’s the Italian in me!). Two ceramic birds with tiny bird outfits in our wedding colors sat on top our cake. I’m sorry, I can’t resist a cute animal in a tux. Fresh flowers cascaded down the white ruffled cake. Perfection. Delicious Perfection.

Then there was the Sangria fountain. Because, the venue offered me a fruit punch fountain, so naturally, I asked if I could pour large quantities of wine into it.

I danced so hard for 5 hours that I literally threw out my back and had to spend the next two days recovering. And you know what? It was worth it. My wedding was the best party I’ve ever had because all my friends and family from all over the world were finally in one place with me. And because I can’t survive the rest of my life without that happening again, keep an eye out for the epic repeat for our 10-year anniversary.

My Story

Since I was 10 years old and picked up my Dad’s film camera, I have always wanted to capture a moment exactly how it was with all the feeling, color, and glory of that single moment that would never ever happen again.

I love so many things about capturing weddings!!  I love to see your vision come to life. No matter how many weddings I capture, each one is uniquely beautiful. I can't wait to see what flower arrangement spoke to you and what colors your bridesmaid dresses will be. I am always excited to see the desserts you hand select and the artistic talent that goes into creating those delicious works of art. But most importantly, I love the look on a bride and groom's face when I show them the back of my camera and how gorgeous they look. I love it when a groom says, "Alright, we DO look really good!" and when a bride is beaming with how exquisite she looks in that moment.

Above all else, I want to make you feel at ease. Of course, I want you to love your portraits, but I also want to give you a one of a kind client experience that makes you remember me as a friend capturing your wedding day. 

Other important facts about me:
• I love dessert. Give me all the carbs, pastries, and cake please.
• I have 6 pairs of Birkenstocks, and no, it's not enough!  
• I have 7 crazy pets: 2 dogs, 4 cats, and a hedgehog.
• My husband proposed to me on a bridge in Cologne, Germany after 10 months of dating!
• I need to travel. I’ve spent time in the Czech Republic, the Philippines, Malta, France, and Italy just to name a few!
• I love reading books, but my favorites are centered around WWII.
• I’ve lived all over the U.S. including Pittsburgh, Chicago, Phoenix, and Seattle.
• I’m a crazy cat lady- so yes, please send me cat videos.
• I’m an Anthropologie and Sephora addict.

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I've looked at the blog about 100 times since last night. Thank you for the beautiful pictures and the lovely words. You are a woman of many many talents <3


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