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Hey there! I'm Felicia! I'm a luxury wedding photographer, pet momma, wife, and cupcake addict.  I photograph in Arizona, Washington and Worldwide. I would love to chat and get to know you better! 

September 7, 2018

Hi and welcome to my online home! I am a photographer located in Phoenix, Arizona. I'm married to my wonderful hubby, Jon, and we have 7 fur babies: Kitty Amazing, Baby Kitty, Petunia, and China, our cats, Hank and Seymour, our dogs, and Junichiro, our hedgehog. Admittedly, Junichiro is more of a spiky baby than a fur baby. I love travel, nutella, donuts, cupcakes, (okay just bring me all the carbs alright?), reading, green tea, soccer, dancing, and soft pillow cases. I love having you, I hope you stay awhile.


Casey and Katelyn’s Filigree Farm’s Wedding, Buckley, Washington

Casey and Katelyn’s wedding day took place on a perfectly Seattle day. Clouds, a threat of rain in the air. A few actual sprinkles to scare us before the rain dissipated again. But something about that made Filigree Farms look so… editorial and Victorian. I know those are maybe weird words to use, but check out the pictures and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

I love how these two met! Katelyn is a boss lady and has a culinary degree (come cook for me please!), and she was working as a chef at Nordstrom Cafe. Having frequented this cafe with my mom many times, I can attest to how good of a chef she must be! Now, Casey did not know it, but when he agreed to leave his restaurant in Gig Harbor to work with his General Manager at the Nordstrom Cafe, his life was about to change forever. Because when Casey saw this drop dead gorgeous chef working it at Nordstrom, he was done.

So when Casey casually asked for Katelyn’s number, she immediately gave it to him. Just kidding. That did not happen. Which is what makes this story so perfect and funny. When Casey asked for Katelyn’s phone number, she told him if he wanted it so bad he could get it out of the manager’s office where all their numbers were listed. And because Casey was in Florida at the time, he flew back and had his friend take him straight to work under the guise he needed to check his schedule. In reality, he was writing down Katelyn’s number.  So now they joke that Casey flew 3,000 miles just to get her number.

And five years later, that flight paid off big time as they got ready to become husband and wife.

Their ceremony was perfect. Seeing Casey’s reaction to his bride as she walked down the aisle was so emotional. You could just see the love between the two of them radiating. But these two know how to have fun too, evidenced by the fact that they played “rock paper scissors” during the ceremony for who had to give their vows first. Casey lost, so he got to go first. Katelyn’s victory celebration was amazing.

And to top things off and make them absolutely perfect, while these two were already killing portraits with their gorgeous looks, the venue had a maroon velvet antique couch. Maybe you are unaware, but photographers die over couches like this. And it was the perfect compliment out in the grass to these two. I could not get enough.

But what really makes these two amazing is that they always support each other, even in major life changes. When Casey decided to take a pay cut to pursue his passion for Volkswagen, Katelyn was right there encouraging him to  follow his dreams. And note, the adorable VW on that garter!

Because although couples may not have all the same interests or passions, true love is pursuing your loved ones interests because it makes them so happy. And you can’t get enough of their passion and excitement when they are doing something they love. That is definitely these two and their love for one another.

Enjoy being husband and wife! And I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you pursue together as a team.


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