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Hey there! I'm Felicia! I'm a luxury wedding photographer, pet momma, wife, and cupcake addict.  I photograph in Arizona, Washington and Worldwide. I would love to chat and get to know you better! 

June 8, 2018

Hi and welcome to my online home! I am a photographer located in Phoenix, Arizona. I'm married to my wonderful hubby, Jon, and we have 7 fur babies: Kitty Amazing, Baby Kitty, Petunia, and China, our cats, Hank and Seymour, our dogs, and Junichiro, our hedgehog. Admittedly, Junichiro is more of a spiky baby than a fur baby. I love travel, nutella, donuts, cupcakes, (okay just bring me all the carbs alright?), reading, green tea, soccer, dancing, and soft pillow cases. I love having you, I hope you stay awhile.


Ashley and Mark’s University Club Wedding, Phoenix, Arizona

“I want a Sunday kind of love.” – Etta James.

Ashley uttered this words to Mark while staring into his eyes.  These were her vows, and the song they danced to.

“Oh I’m hoping to discover-A certain kind of lover-Who will show me the way
And my arms need someone-Someone to enfold-To keep me warm when Mondays and Tuesdays grow cold
Love for all my life to have and to hold- Oh and I want a Sunday kind of love.”
During both Mark and Ashley’s vows, they each told the same story about the moment they knew they were in love. You know you have a strong connection when you share the same exact story out of four years without even knowing it! In this story, they were sitting together watching a bright pink full moon. And in Mark’s version, he gazed into Ashley’s eyes and knew she was the one forever.
Then something magical happened on their wedding day. There was a huge full moon! Talk about a sign, am I right?!
Ashley and Mark were married in an intimate ceremony at the University Club in Phoenix, Arizona. Ashley, being a woman after my own heart, got married in bare feed adorned in diamonds.  She is a true Phoenix girl, as she used to run around all summer in the crazy heat without shoes. Shoes really are just prisons for your feet.  Mark’s older brother officiated the wedding, which made it even more special.
During our portraits, we started at the Heard Museum. This Museum has such gorgeous architecture! But then after 30 minutes, they told us they were closing.  But we did not lose hope! We wandered around the neighborhood taking pictures amongst the amazing architecture. And then a woman wandered out from her beauitfully manacured home and offered us her backyard for photographs!! She told us that Barry Goldwater’s sister was married in front of the very same fireplace where we were now taking portraits. (That’s some Phoenix nerd history for you everyone 😉
The reception continued back at Ashley’s parents house, and fun was the name of the game for the evening.  They had a photobooth, corn hole, giant lawn games, dancing, and Mexican street tacos made to order. You could find me bathing in Horchata for the rest of the night. But seriously, I do love horchata and I was super excited.
This couple loves each other so much.  You can feel it radiated throughout every room they enter. You can see it in their eyes and feel it in their words. You can feel in in their tears that were shared together throughout the day. And when you watch both of their parents, and you see how in love they still are, you know they had a strong foundation.
During toasts, the couple’s friends talked about how genuine Mark is and how Ashley brings out the very best in him.  And knowing them throughout this last year, I know that is true.
Mark and Ashley, you are such a joy to be around. Mark, you are always making everyone laugh! Ashley, your huge and kind words bring so much happiness! You make everyone feel like a close friend, and I had so much fun capturing your day.  I love you guys!


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