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May 18, 2018

Hi and welcome to my online home! I am a photographer located in Phoenix, Arizona. I'm married to my wonderful hubby, Jon, and we have 7 fur babies: Kitty Amazing, Baby Kitty, Petunia, and China, our cats, Hank and Seymour, our dogs, and Junichiro, our hedgehog. Admittedly, Junichiro is more of a spiky baby than a fur baby. I love travel, nutella, donuts, cupcakes, (okay just bring me all the carbs alright?), reading, green tea, soccer, dancing, and soft pillow cases. I love having you, I hope you stay awhile.


Lisa and Matt’s Tlaquepaque Wedding in Sedona, Az

Red Rocks. Blooming flowers. A soft breeze. 75 degrees. Puffy white clouds. Spanish architecture.

What do all these things have in common? They were all present for Lisa and Matt’s wedding day!

Lisa and Matt got married at Tlaquepaque (say that 5 times fast I dare you) in Sedona, Arizona, which is an adorable Spanish style mission with views of Red Rocks and gorgeous nature. And it’s sort of a photographer’s play land because everywhere you turn is something screaming to be captured by my camera.

This couple is seriously some of the sweetest and kindest I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Matt with his calm, confident, soft spoken demeanor, and Lisa with her bubbly, loving, and kind personality. These too radiate love. So it’s no surprise that they were surrounded by people who loved them and were so happy to see these two finally unite.

Lisa and Matt met in college at Colorado State University where they were both majoring in medical field professions. Matt’s best man and Lisa’s maid of honor were both of their college best friends (together with Matt’s sister and brother). And they talk about Lisa and Matt exactly how I picture them: relationship goals. Matt’s best man spoke about how if they needed a correct answer for any of their classes, they knew Matt had the answer. And once Matt had spoken, that was the final word on the subject. Both friends discussed how Lisa rivaled Matt in brains, but also was a perfect compliment to his personality. This month, Matt finished his medical degree and is starting his residency at Emory this fall!

Dana, Lisa’s MOH, was her first roommate freshman year of college. I love that their friendship has remained unwavering all these years (and states apart) later. And to top it all off, Dana’s Mom (who is a Judge in San Diego County) married the couple! Hearing her love for Lisa after watching her friendship with Dana was so special.

And if you aren’t in tears yet, this day got even more touching. Unfortunately, Lisa’s Father could not travel to the wedding as he is having health problems. However, during the Father-Daughter dance, after Lisa danced with her fabulous Mother (who also walked her down the aisle), Matt’s Father stepped in and finished the dance with his new daughter. That seriously touched me to my core people. Maybe it made me think of my own father in law who has always stepped in when my own dad has not been available. But it also showed me just how much of a unit these two families already were. They stepped in naturally to make sure that their was no absence of love.

I had such a blast capturing your unique love, Lisa and Matt! It is such a joy to be in your presence, and I can’t wait for your new journey to Atlanta and all the fabulous things I know you both will accomplish together!


Venue: Tlaquepaque Village

Hair and Makeup: Michaela Ford, Owner of Salt Salon and Spa

Wedding Dress: Brilliant Bridal

Florist: Bliss Extraordinary Floral

Caterer: Rosalie’s of Sedona

Cake and Desserts: Sedona Cake Couture


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